3D Lab

Elephants, art sculptures, detailed function models or whole cars

Arrived in the digital age, a great variety of 3D data can be created and processed in the 3D lab. Depending on the undertaking, construction and requirements, projects will then either be realized with the CNC hot wire, Kuka robot or available 3D printing technologies.

3D modelling

Our 3D modelling embraces all commonly used 3D formats as well as the creation of complex constructions in Rhinoceros 3D trough to free form models in Zbrush. We can prepare customer data for production.

Computer model / Division into assembly units
Assembly unit in 3D-printer
Shape and surface simulation
3D-milling with robot arm
Digital modelling
Processing and preparation for CNC production
Production control and monitoring

3D scan

Our own 3D scan technology offers us another option for digitalizing 3D data from existing objects besides the 3D modelling. We can guarantee a precision of up to 0.1 mm for this.

Handheld scanner in use
Scanning process
Scanning result in model
Scan data-based 3D-milling with handcrafted post-processing


Our robots are an up-to-date augmentation of the classic craftmanship sculptors used to rely on in creating props and three-dimensional objects of any kind. The high precision level enables digital designs to be realized quickly and exactly. We can process materials from Styrofoam to Uriol in object dimensions of up to 3.5 m x 3.5 m x 3.5 m.

View into the milling lab
Polyester milling results
Watch model simulation
Watch model 3D-milling with robot arm
Digital body panel model design
CNC production and processing
CNC production of art objects
CNC-milled whale bones, coated and prepared for surface treatment
Production of small series
Freely reproducible and scalable identical objects

CNC hot wire

The hot wire technology allows us to quickly and efficiently realize all objects in Styrofoam / Styrodur based on a 2D contour. We can create imitations of classic stucco profiles, railway tracks and frequently used facade elements that are ultra-light and look deceptively real. In addition, we can also treat a wide range of material surfaces to make them shock-resistant and weatherproof.

Complicated objects made from simple moulded sections
CNC-controlled cutting machine 2.60 x 2.50 x 1.60 m
Assembly of cut sections
Finished uncoated object
Finished pixel installed in outdoor advertising
Various polyester profiles
Application in set and facade construction
Architectural and art objects in the workshop
Architectural details made from polyester
Hot-wire cutting template selection
Patterns, ornaments, profiles

3D printing

Where the 3D printing technology is concerned, we can rely on the two processes of FDM printing and stereolithography to create 1:1 replicas of sculptures, components for own constructions, function models, or all kinds of small props.

Motorcycle computer model
Motorcycle in 3D printer
3D-printed technical and organic shapes
3D-printed blank component
Blanks assembled and prepared for coating
3D-printed exhibition object assembled, processed, coated
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