Metal construction, metalworking shop

Decorations made from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or copper – to last an eternity or only for the moment

Turning, milling, forging, bending, cutting or welding of all kinds of metals and sheet metals are the strengths of our accomplished metalworkers, ornamental blacksmiths and precision engineers, who will find a perfect solution for every challenge – be it for major contracts or custom designs.

DIN EN 1090-certified

Steel construction, set construction

We create, deliver and install steel constructions in keeping with your requirements, and perform all kinds of building fitter work, be it for temporary or long-term structures, both indoors and out. Our many years of experience in set construction guarantee you the optimal realization of your wishes and ideas.

Stainless steel globe for a permanent exhibition
Steel assembly for a stage set
Stage decoration set-up for mechanical test
Steel construction for a film set
Workshop with locomotive blank
"Emma" without undercarriage
Tank interior set construction
Metal railings for special effects
Special effect railings on set
Steel construction for a museum object
Wine barrel museum object
Steel construction for a film set "Neue Berliner Strasse"
Terrace support structure for private client

Sheet metal work, bending, folding

Our hydraulic sheet metal bender enables us to bend all bendable sheet metals and flat materials up to a bending length of 3000 mm. Our bending press for flat materials is able to handle formats of up to 120 x 12 mm. And if pipes and profiles need bending, we also have a three-roll bending machine. We would be delighted to discuss the solution for your specific requirements with you.

Cabinets for exhibition construction
Experimenting table for an interactive exhibition
Sheet metal and trellis samples
Film loop for a permanent exhibition
Cross vault shell for an underwater decoration
Cross-vault in studio 20 water tank
Underwater cross-vault set ready for filming
Animals made from sheets of stainless steel
Stainless steel sheet donkey
Stainless steel sheet elephant art object
Installation made from strips of copper sheeting


We can rely on a wide range of different metal cutting machines in the realization of your ideas. Our speciality is the production of custom parts from materials such as steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and plastic. Be it the creation of prototypes, items from scratch or repair of your components: we can offer you total solutions from a single source.

Decoration for a games world
Room interior in a permanent exhibition
Revolving lit drum as tradeshow exhibit
Fan mechanism for a stage set
Fan mechanism test set-up
"Emma" undercarriages and engine
"Emma" in the set
Cable car suspension for special effects
Roller carriage assembly

Welding technologies

We can weld steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass for you in all sizes using MIG/MAG, WIG, impulse, spot and manual electrode welding. We cut every desired contour precisely with plasma cutting technology.

Aluminium crossbeam in our workshop
Aluminium welding
Stainless steel welding
Steel assembly for a gigantic barrel
Steel assembly for fan
Fan scenery set-up
Workshop impression

Forging, restoration

Our workshop will create all manner of wrought-iron work in keeping with your wishes and specifications using traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies. We can recondition historic architectural elements or produce detailed copies from historic models.

Sample selection of fittings
Decorative elements for a games world
Reconstruction of advertising pillar hoods
Advertising pillar finial
Wrought-iron art object
Cupboard fitting props
Reconstructed wrought-iron fittings
Imitation wrought-iron fittings
Wrought-iron props
Jail door assembly
Jail door set for fairy-tale film
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