Fabrics are our world: velvet, silk, stores, tulle, brocade, untreated cotton, duvetyne for blackout, blue and green screens, backdrops, printed films and drapes through to carpeting.

Our decorators tackle every challenge with their extensive specialist knowledge – be it in the detail or for designs in an XXXL format.


From unpretentious window dressings through to elaborate stage and party decorations, pleated or draped as a flowing effect fabric: our decorations are always skilfully staged!

Fabric screens / Light object entrance
Fabric screens / Light frame for fashion show
Vertical blinds structuring space for a tradeshow presentation
Decoration and sewing work for party tent
Party tent stage decor
Sewing work, drapings / Window decoration for film set
Decoration and sewing work / Film set

Back-cloths, drapes

Large and larger…

We create drapes and back-cloths: be it in the studio or on location, stretched smooth, as a painting surface or printed backdrop, green screen or translucent projection surface.

Fabric screens / Green screen in the studio
Fabric screens / Backdrop for film set
Backdrop painted in the studio
Stretched cotton backdrop frame / Painted by fine artist

Sewing department

Be it fine silk or rough leather – we know how to handle every material professionally.

Fabric and curtain display for a permanent exhibition
Sewing and decorating work for a stage set
View into the workshop
Screens, ropes, sails for a film set
Sewing and quilting work for a film set


From classic spring cores through to covers on modern moulded foam parts – we offer the entire range of the trade.

Quilting work for a spacecraft
Sewing and decoration work for a film set
Sewing and upholstery work with leather / Oversized suitcase handle
Sewing and upholstery work / Seating element / Oversized stack of socks
Sewing and quilting work for an office floor
Sewing and quilting work for a motorboat

Floor coverings

Laying of simple trade fair floors, high-quality carpeting or welded PVC and linoleum floors.

Flooring and upholstery work for a bistro
PVC floor in a tram mock-up
Red carpet and decoration
Floorings for the tradeshow presentation
Floorings and vertical blinds for a tradeshow presentation
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We stage visions – professionally and innovatively for more than 100 years.