Sculptors / plasterers

Sculptures, three-dimensional objects, busts, reliefs, imitation walls and wall effects, ornaments, pilasters, capitals, stucco work, model and mould construction from plaster, concrete and marble through to diverse plastics.

Our classically trained sculptors and plasterers can create every desired shape for movie and theatre sets, artists, or also for trades, industry and restoration.

Sculptures, objects, artworks

We create sculptures and objects in keeping with client specifications or as own developments, and realize art projects on all scales.

Sculptors working on an eagle sculpture
Stages of creating a polyester sculpture "Roman commander"
Polyester elephants for a film set
Finished film prop with coating and gilding
Comic character promoting a movie premiere - coated polyester
Paint tin manikin for a commercial
Whale vertebrae as an art object / imitation bronze
Art object with animal figures
Finished art object with coating and "gilding"
Working on a group of polyester figures for a film set

Plaster, ornaments, art moulds

We create profiles and ornaments: in classic plaster and concrete workmanship, but also from plastics. Our competences also include percent for art, or the moulding of complex objects

Figurative facade decor
Figurative and ornamental decor for the reconstruction of a hotel foyer
Sample selection for polyester profiles and ornaments
Sample and template selection for hot-wire cutting
Modelling work on a capital
Stucco, profiles and ornaments for a film scenery
Stucco, profiles and facade decorations for a film scenery

Surfaces, structures, mould making

Concrete, renderings, brick and natural stone masonry as well as floors – from tiles to cobblestones: we can imitate and create surfaces of all kinds. Our services also include the taking of moulds from surfaces for reproduction and duplication.

Rock decoration for a shop interior
Cave set made from moulded PU sections with rock structure
Construction of a mine shaft from moulded polyester sections for a film set
Rock surface - moulded PU foam section, painted
View into the stucco workshop with sample selections
Sample selection in the workshop with various masonry structures
Working on a film set: Building walls with various imitation stone / concrete surfaces
Working on a film set: Imitation cobblestones - concrete relief
Sample selection with various surface patterns
PU-coated polystyrene sculptures in the painting booth
Rock decoration with waterfall for a shop interior

Copies, replicas, small series

We create duplicates and small series from a wide range of different materials. We replicate artworks and objects of any kind, classically with compass and pointing device, or by way of a 3D scan.

Silicone mould of a sculpture
Replicate sculpture from a silicone mould
Small series of award figures Coated cast metal
Copy of a metal sculpture
PU-copy of a dried cod 1,000 dried cods as a prop for an exhibition

Fibreglass, reinforced plastic, PU coating

We create objects, semi-finished products and surfaces from fibreglass for artistic or technical applications, and coat diverse surfaces with glass fibre reinforced mineral materials. Polyurethane spray coating in various strengths is also possible.

Surface coating / Fibreglass on polyester
Oversized tradeshow model made from moulded fibreglass sections
Imitation bronze and patina on fibreglass surface
PU-coating on polyester
Fibreglass-coated models for a promotional event
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