Painting / fine artists

Wood, marble, stone, sheet metal, leather or silk – the painters of the Art Department will skilfully imitate all conceivable materials.

Large-scale backdrops, tiny sculptures, fine china painting, paintings in oil, acrylic or airbrush through to modern surfaces from the spray booth – the palette of our painters, fine artists and varnishers embraces the techniques of all epochs, styles and movements.

Scene painters

We realize all surface design stages in the construction of sets and decorations: from the simple paintjob through to the perfect patina on objects and buildings. In the studio, on the stage or on location – entirely in keeping with your requirements.

[Translate to English:] Fassaden Farbe Patina Venedig Filmset für
„The Three Musketeers“
[Translate to English:] Betonimitation Studiodekoration für „Hanna“
[Translate to English:] Beton Mauerwerk Tresorraum für „Mockingjay“
[Translate to English:] Goldene Säulen für Schlossdeko
„Beauty And The Beast“
[Translate to English:] Putzfassaden für „Point Break“
[Translate to English:] Betonimitat „Mockingjay“
[Translate to English:] Setbau Tunnel und Burgtor für
„A Cure For Wellness“

Fine artists

Backdrop painting and visualization of painted flats We cover all epochs and styles in artistic and craftmanship terms: trompe-l'oeiI, portrait and decorative painting, ornamentation, lettering, glass painting and a lot more. We also create copies of paintings.

Copy of a van Gogh painting
Painting a backdrop
Imitation metal - rust - patina
Surfaces / Painted imitations / Sample selection in workshop
Painted illusion "Apparition" film set
Painted backdrop - trompe l'oeil city for "Chicken With Plums"
Painted scenery sections


We execute all common painting and varnishing jobs to the highest standards. Our areas of competence include the application of historic techniques, but also the processing of high-quality, modern materials.

Wall design / mural on location for "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Marbling and mural for "Anonymous"
Colour and surface design for film set of "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
High-quality surfaces for a SONY showroom
View of exclusive surfaces for SONY showroom
Paintwork recreating a gym for "A Cure for Wellness"


Four high-performance spray booths with extraction (and measuring 50 x 4 x 4 m, 12 x 5 x 4 m, 6 x 4 x 3 m and 5 x 4 x 3 m) help us provide spray coatings in all qualities and gloss levels. We work with two digital paint mixing systems that support all commonly used colour systems.

Chrome effect for art object
Multicolour paintwork Berlin tram mock-up
Large-scale vehicle paintwork for the new Berlin tram
Interior paintwork Berlin tram mock-up
High-quality paintwork for a Samsung presentation at KDW
View into the paint booth
High-gloss surfaces in the paint booth
Priming for special lacquer 3D-printed bird object
Special lacquering of bird objects Permanent exhibition at the Bird migration Museum Skagen

Chrome and metal effects, gilding

We can create chrome effects in many different shades on virtually any surface – from the smallest part to the largest sculpture. Besides this we also create various metal effects, real-metal varnishes and coatings, and offer gilding techniques using gold leaf and composition gold.

Chromed sculpture for "Terminator" premiere
Imitation faucets for film sets
Sample colour palette for chrome effect
Gold bar props for "The Lake"
Sample selection for metal surfaces in the workshop

Coating of shaped surfaces

We have our own hydraulic 2C dosing unit (foam and coating system for poured and sprayed polyurethane foam) enabling us to coat various surfaces such as wood, mineral-based materials or Styrofoam. We apply this process to furniture, exhibition stands and event constructions, theatre, television and film sets, and in amusement parks. Three-dimensional objects and surfaces can also be created from PU foam this way. These highly rigid models are light-weight, impact-resistant and coatable.

Polystyrene "marble" sculpture for "Beauty and the Beast
PU coating for water well set Film set "A Cure For Wellness"
Well / Film set "A Cure For Wellness"
PU rock cave film set for "The Monuments Men"
Moulded PU rock sections for cave set "The Monuments Men"
Colour samples on PU coating
PU coating on polystyrene sculpture Wisents for "Hans Sielmann Foundation"
Coated polystyrene object "Alien table" for a revue at Friedrichstadt-Palast


Furniture surfaces, murals and paintings are all restored by our team, which is also experienced in monument conservation.

Reconditioning of architectural elements
Manual painting of reconditioned structural elements
Reconditioning of period furniture / Varnishing and gilding
Gilding of period furniture
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